New SORA R3000 groupset heads up the early-season releases bringing premium features to sports/fitness riders

Shimano releases its new SORA R3000 groupset, SORA-grade mechanical disc brakes and E-THRU road wheels as the first part of its new 2017 road bike products.

As Shimano’s first-class 9-speed road bike groupset, SORA is pitched towards sports/fitness cyclists. With its durability and affordability it is also a perfect groupset for winter or urban commuting bikes. Now with technology adopted from higher level groupsets, both new starters and enthusiasts will feel comfortable with the features that 9-speed SORA R3000 introduces.


Aesthetic appeal

New SORA R3000 4-arm cranksets, shifters, levers, brakes and rear derailleurs take on the sleek, two-tone, black-grey gloss finish. Comparable to Shimano’s upper tier groupsets to create a complete, attractive and sophisticated road bike.

Multi-purpose groupset

SORA’s advantage over its rivals comes in its option for offering affordable and reliable drop bar and flat bar components for different riding styles.

Sleek and lighter weight 4-arm double (FC-R3000, 50-34T) or triple (FC-R3030, 50-39-30T) cranksets follow the eye-catching look first unveiled with DURA-ACE 9000. Together with 9-speed STI Dual Control Levers featuring clean and neat internal cable routing, SORA R3000 will complete any sporty-looking race bike.

Alternatively for urban flat bar bikes, components include 5-arm 2x9 (FC-R3000-CG, 50-34T) or 3x9 cranksets with trouser-protecting chain guards (FC-R3030-CG, 50-39-30T), Rapidfire Plus gear shifters (ST-R3000/30) and brake levers with Optislick cables (BL-R3000).

Whether for city riding or competitive events, SORA R3000 just made things a whole lot safer with 20% increase in rim brake performance over its previous incarnation. Dual-pivot BR-R3000 calipers with quick release cable levers make getting wheels in and out a breeze.

Big range

The compact 50-34T or 50-39-30T crankset can now be combined with a large range 11-34T cassettes, an accommodating rear derailleur and a long arm front derailleur. Spinning up hills suddenly got easier with two extra teeth over the previous SORA, while the small 11T sprocket makes sure you have enough high-end range to put the power down.

SORA R3000: The most attractive and robust 9-speed groupset yet

With multiple riding styles and shifting and braking technology cascaded down from its big brothers, new SORA R3000 just became Shimano’s most attractive and robust 9-speed groupset yet. Products are expected to hit the market from April onwards.


Meanwhile disc brake technology continues to trickle down through the road bike market with flat-mount SORA grade mechanical disc brake calipers (BR-RS305) which can be combined with steel or stainless steel disc brake rotors (SM-RT81-SS/S & RT54-S).

Continuing at the mid-range level, Shimano RX31 12mm wheelsets and AX720 hubs adopt E-THRU technology from mountain bikes bringing quick-release closing style from mountain bikes, creating a stronger wheel locking system with the added benefit of easier adjustment.