曲柄组 (3x8/7/6速)



型号 FC-TY701
Color Metallic Black, Silver
Axle length of BB-UN/ ES (mm)_Threaded (chain case) D-NL K
Axle length of BB-UN/ ES (mm)_Threaded (normal) D-NL / *D-EL
Chain case compatible X
Chain line (mm) 47.5 / 47.5+t / 50
Chain ring combination 42-34-24T
Compatible BB type_Square X
Compatible BB type Square
Compatible chain 8/7/6 速用 HG/UG
Crank Arm Length 165, 170, 175
Crank fixing bolt included X
Crank arm length (mm)_165.0 X
Crank arm length (mm)_170.0 X
Crank arm length (mm)_175.0 X
Gear arms 4 臂
Optional chain guard_With chain guard X
Optional chain guard_Without chain / bash guard X
Optional Chain Guard Without chain / bash guard
P.C.D. (mm) Riveted
Rear speeds 8/7/6
Recommended BB_Threaded (chain case) BB-UN100-K
Recommended BB_Threaded (normal) BB-UN100
Threaded BB shell width_68mm X
Threaded BB shell width_73mm X
Threaded BB Shell Width 68mm, 73mm
Crank arm fixing bolt_With X
Includes Crank Arm Fixing Bolt Yes
Q-factor (mm) 185.5