Information for the counterfeit products of our disc brake pad

Important Notice

Please beware of counterfeit Shimano brake pad sets.

To our regret, recently counterfeit Shimano products have been illegally sold at local retailers, online flea markets and other online marketplaces.


The counterfeit brake pads are difficult to distinguish from Shimano's genuine products by appearance. Please see the photos below.


While Shimano's genuine products are designed by Shimano with utmost care to ensure their safety, quality and function, the safety of those counterfeit products is not assured and may lead to serious accidents.


When you purchase Shimano brake pad sets, it is advisable to take extra caution and make sure to purchase Shimano's genuine products through an authorized retailer or reseller.


Thank you for your loyalty and support of our genuine products.




【Shimano's genuine brake pad】


Previous model: B01S Pad (produced and sold until the end of 2017)


Current model: *B01S/B03S Pads (produced and sold from the beginning of 2018)



*Production of B01S was discontinued in early 2021, and currently only B03S with improved durability is being produced and sold (as of October 2021)



【Counterfeit brake pad】


Counterfeit brake pad whose lining part has fallen off after short-term use