SHIMANO STEPS Battery for Down Tube (630 Wh)

BT-E8016 NEW


BT-E8016 NEW

SHIMANO STEPS - Battery for Down Tube - 630 Wh

Designed specifically for SHIMANO's STEPS system, the BT-E8016 battery mounts to the down tube and features 630 Wh capacity. The compact design provides a low center of gravity for a more natural ride experience.

  • Compact and low-center of gravity
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Capacity: 17.5 (Ah), 630 (Wh)
  • Quick charging:
  • 50% charge 2.5 hours*
  • Full charge 6 hours*
    *When charged with EC-E8004
  • Durable battery retains max. capacity longer
  • >60% capacity after 1000 charges


SERIES EP8 EP800 Series
Color Standard
Average weight 3.5
Remarks * By EC-E6000. EC-E6000-3 for Japan. ** BT-E8016 for Japan (16.2 Ah, 583 Wh)
Chemistry Li-Ion
Position External
Rated voltage (V) 36
Rated capacity (Ah) ** 17.5
Rated capacity (Wh) 630
Cyclelife span for charge (times) 1,000 (more than 60%)
Time to charge (hour)_SOC = 100% * 6
Charge level display
Error signal
Charging port
System on/off switch
Compatible charger EC-E6000, EC-E6000-3 (for Japan), EC-E6002, EC-E8004
Compatible battery mount BM-E8016
Time to charge (hour)_SOC = 50% * 2.5
Time to charge (hour)_SOC = 80% * 3


  • Electric Wires Electric Wire SD300 for Internal Routing
  • Cycle Computer SHIMANO STEPS Cycle Computer with Assist Switch (SD300 port)
  • Electric Wires Electric Wire SD300 for External Routing
  • Speed Sensor SHIMANO STEPS Chainstay Speed Sensor for EW-SD300