The POWER MODULATOR unit is more effective and easy-to-control braking for casual and recreational cyclists.

SM-PM40:For V-BRAKE (MTB use)
SM-PM50:For mechanical disc brake (city use)
SM-PM60:For V-BRAKE (city use)
SM-PM70:For V-BRAKE (trekking use)


power modulation unit

power modulation unit graph


•The Power Modulator is a device that makes it easier to control braking by increasing the cable stroke at the brake lever within a certain constant range of braking force. If the effective operating range of the Power Modulator is exceeded, the lever stroke and the brake will operate as a normal disc brake (sensitively and powerfully). In that case, the brakes may operate more powerfully than intended and may cause the wheel to lock up. Therefore it is essential that you fully understand and test the performance of the Power Modulator before use.

The Power Modulator is not equipped with a function to prevent the wheel from locking up.