Shimano XTR 10-51 Cassette: The Best Wide-Range, Mountain Bike Cassette Delivered


Single-chainring drivetrains have become the norm on modern mountain bikes and Shimano’s XTR M9100 delivers unparalleled performance with its 1x12 setup.  Combining Shimano’s expertise in engineering and construction with a new wide-range cassette, XTR suits the needs of the world’s fastest racers as well as mountain bike enthusiasts. 




The new 10-51-tooth M9100 cassette is the cornerstone of Shimano’s latest XTR group. Offering a massive 510% gear range, the wide-range cassette allows riders to tackle any terrain or trail with confidence. The new Micro Spline freehub design creates a precise interface for the cassette and allowed Shimano to add a smaller, 10-tooth cog to the range for powering your all-out efforts. At the other end of this 12-speed cassette is a 51-tooth cog that lets you navigate the steepest climbs with ease. However, the benefits of the M9100 cassette go far beyond its wide gear range and new freehub interface.  


Smarter Steps

There are many wide-range cassettes designed for 1x12 drivetrains on the market, but it’s not just the total range that matters. Smarter cog choices and carefully selected steps between the extremes is what sets the M9100 10-51-tooth cassette apart. 


10 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 18 – 21 – 24 – 28 – 33 -39 – 45 - 51 


Smaller steps between gears at both ends of the cassette’s range is a key performance advantage. Whether you’re sprinting for the finish or grinding up a technical ascent, these smaller steps allow you to keep a consistent cadence while giving you more usable gears when it matters most.  



In addition to smarter steps between gears, the new Hyperglide+ chain and tooth profiles are a leap forward in drivetrain performance. The new cassette tooth design helps guide the chain both up and down the cassette for smoother, more efficient shifting in all conditions. 




The Right Material For The Right Gears

Most cassettes are built from steel or aluminum but the M9100 cassette uses a trio of high-performance metals optimized for the different forces generated throughout the cassette’s range. Shimano’s strategic approach to cassette construction uses the right material in the right location to maximize weight savings and durability.


The three largest cogs are constructed from hard-anodized aluminum, which offers durability while reducing overall weight of the cassette. The middle five cogs are titanium for an optimal balance of weight and strength because this is often the most used area of the cassette.


Both the aluminum and titanium portions of the cassette are mounted to a lightweight carbon composite beam spider that is stiff and durable enough for the most extreme pedaling forces. 




Rounding out the XTR M9100 10-51-tooth cassette construction are the four smallest cogs, which are constructed from steel and mount directly to the Micro Spline freehub. These durable small cogs resist excessive wear and tear that is regularly experienced from the added chain tension across the cogs due to their small diameter. 




Whether racing UCI World Cup Cross Country or hitting your local trails on the weekend, Shimano’s XTR M9100 wide-range cassette offers premium performance and Shimano’s flagship construction for the ultimate mountain bike pedaling experience.