Color Gray, -, -
Average weight 102.6 g
Remarks * In case of SEIS ** Option by E-TUBE PROJECT
Mount position (center on handlebar) X
Ports number for EW-SD50 (pcs) 3
Back Light X
Beep X
Inside battery X
Contents of Display_Clock X
Contents of Display_Asssit mode display X
Contents of Display_Battery charge level X
Contents of Display_Current Speed X
Contents of Display_Gear Position Display * X (8/11-fach)
Contents of Display_Start mode X
Contents of Display_Automatic shift mode X
Contents of Display_Maximum speed (MAX) ** X
Contents of Display_Average speed (AVG) ** X
Contents of Display_Trip distance (DST) X
Contents of Display_Trip time (TIME) ** X
Contents of Display_Odometer (ODO) X
Contents of Display_Estimated range (RANGE) X
Contents of Display_Range overview X
Contents of Display_Error Message X
Setting menu_Trip Distance reset X
Setting menu_km / mile X
Setting menu_Clock adjustment X
Setting menu_Back Light on/off X
Setting menu_Beep on/off X
Setting menu_Language 6 languages
Setting menu_Setting Clear X
Display Detachable X
Firmware update by E-tube Project X
E-tube connector (pcs) 0
E-tube port (pcs) 3
LCD size (inch) 1.85
Language_Dutch X
Language_English X
Language_French X
Language_German X
Language_Italian X
Language_Spanish X
Setting menu_Adjusting for auto shift timing *X
Setting menu_Adjusting for shift *X
Setting menu_Start mode X


  • Battery Akku für Gepäckträger hinten
  • Drive Unit Antriebseinheit für den nordamerikanischen Markt
  • Cycle Computer Fahrradcomputer
  • Drive Unit Cover SM-DUE60