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Get Your Own Bike Mechanic.

With the Windows app for dealers and dedicated connection devices, you can receive wired bike checkups for details, maintenance service and riding advice.

  • Updated visual interface makes using the app much more user-friendly
  • Familiar update notification icon
  • New pop-up box shows contents of firmware update
Customize ControlsCustomize Controls
Customize Controls
  • Simple but informative visual layout
  • Quick summary of current settings on top page
  • Map buttons and switch controls on-the-fly
    • Check Status
    • Run Error Check
    • Adjust Derailleur
      • Check E-bike’s usage stats
      • Odometer
    • Distance/Time per mode
    • Check Battery Health


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Version Details

  • 2021.03.31
    Ver 4.0.4
    The “E-TUBE PROJECT for Windows V4 (Ver. 4.0.4)” will be updated as below:
    1) Possibility to change the "Light / accessory power terminal output settings"
    2) Changed the way to display the error log under the maintenance tab.
    3) New window pops up to show the progress bar, while creating a service report.
    4) Remaining light capacity time can be set shorter than the current setting value.
  • 2020.12.07
    Ver 4.0.3
    Fixed the problem for customers using SM-BCR2 to set up the bicycle via “E-TUBE PROJECT for Windows V4 (Ver. 4.0.2)” that was resulting in disabled operations.
  • 2020.10.13
    Ver 4.0.2
    1. Compatibility
      • Adapted for new EP8 series.
    2. Add function
      • Added Driving Status function to display the driving records.
      • Added Troubleshooting & Errors history under maintenance tab.
      • Added new function to display the updated contents of newly released firmware.
    3. Change function
      • Graphical User Interface has been completely changed.
      • Maintenance check list report function has been expanded.
      • Shortened the time required to update the firmware of the new unit.(Only when using SM-PCE02)
  • 2019.11.11
    Ver 3.4.5
    To fix the issue of current E-TUBE PROJECT (Public ver. 3.4.3) that cannot update the firmware for SC-E6100/SC-E7000/EW-EN100, when multiple users log in the same computer.
  • 2019.05.22
    Ver 3.4.3
    1. Compatibility.
      • Adapted for SHIMANO STEPS (DU-E6180、DU-E5080、BT-E8035、EW-SW100) and GRX RX810 series.
      • Added interchangeability between DU-E8080 with SC-E6100/SC-E7000/EW-EN100.
      • Added interchangeability between SHIMANO STEPS with Road components (ST-R8070/RX815、RD-R8070/RX805/RX815/RX817)Adapted for INTER-5, when connecting DI2 Adapter with MU-UR500.
    2. Adapted for 3 new mode (High, Medium, Low) for riding characteristic of ECO Mode.
    3. Display speed adjustable function added for cycle computer. (Drive unit is controlled by the actual speed)
    4. Wireless mode settings option for third party company cycle computers. Default mode is both mode ON (ANT+ and BLUETOOTH), however with new setting option user can save battery consumption of Wireless communication by turning OFF unnecessary mode. This choice does not affect the E-TUBE for mobile version.
  • 2018.11.05
    Ver 3.4.1
    • Updated to extend the lighting time when assist mode is OFF due to low battery level.
    • Improved function for battery consumption checking
    • Secured firmware update for E5000 / E6100 / E7000 series


  • Windows Download Ver 4.0.0
  • Windows Download Ver 3.4.5