New Shimano STEPS E-Bike Products Expand Riding Capacity, Drivetrain and Control Options

OSAKA, Japan (May 8, 2020) – Shimano today announced several new additions to its SHIMANO STEPS e-bike component line. The company’s largest-ever capacity 630Wh batteries extend rider’s journeys while new 12-speed chainrings and a new computer display create more options for SHIMANO STEPS system builds. 




Shimano has introduced three new e-bike batteries into its SHIMANO STEPS line-up including internal and external versions of its 630Wh largest capacity batteries for even longer rides. 

·       The high-performance BT-E8036 becomes Shimano’s largest integrated e-bike battery with a range-expanding 630Wh capacity. 

·       The BT-E8035-L integrated battery yields a 504Wh capacity in a 630 Wh case, creating two battery options for bike manufacturers while utilizing the same battery mount position. 

·       Along with the two downtube integrated options, the new 630Wh BT-E8016 becomes Shimano’s largest external battery, featuring a new fitting port, the BM-E8016 battery mount. 


Shimano STEPS BT-E8035-L


Like other SHIMANO STEPS batteries, the new BT-E8036, BT-E8035-L and BT-E8016 offer an extremely long lifetime. Even after 1000 full charge cycles these new batteries will still maintain 60% of their capacity. With these new SHIMANO STEPS additions, manufacturers now have the choice of 10 batteries with either rear carrier, external type or downtube-integrated positions and faster-charging 418Wh or 504Wh batteries or extended riding capacity 630Wh options.



SHIMANO STEPS Drivetrain Additions




Bike cranksets receive an upgrade with new 12-speed chainrings that are compatible with 157mm O.L.D. hubs. The SM-CRE80-12-SB chainring comes in 34T or 36T options, both with DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ teeth for excellent chain retention. 

Shimano SM-CRE80-12-SB


SHIMANO STEPS Cycle Computer Display


SHIMANO STEPS urban e-bike controls also see a new addition that tidies up the handlebar. The new SC-E5000 unified cycle computer display comes with integrated switches for operating the assist mode as well as additional buttons for operating lights and changing display menus. The SC-E5000 computer is compatible with existing SHIMANO STEPS systems, allowing riders to upgrade their existing e-bikes, while model year 2021 e-bikes will feature this upgrade later this year. 

Shimano STEPS SC-E5000