We constantly search for new ways to promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us. Product packaging is a huge opportunity to reduce waste and deliver our products more sustainably. That is why we decided to transition to more sustainable packaging solutions for our components and service, and upgrade parts, footwear, apparel, and most eyewear packaging.



We focused on four key points to create more eco-friendly designs. 

 •Eliminate as much single-use plastics as possible to reduce CO2 and marine pollution.

 •Transition to environmentally friendly paper.

 •Make better use of resources with smaller package designs.

 •Reduce the amount of ink on packaging to make recycling easier.


Together all these changes will help our products get more smartly and sustainably to their ultimate destination–nature. 







We are refreshing our bike components' packaging to make them more attractive to customers and easier on the environment.
Our eco-friendly designs are made with environmentally friendly paper sourced from post-consumer products and use less plastic and ink. We are also working to make each package as small as possible to reduce the amount of material used.
These seemingly minor changes to our bike components' packaging are a big step toward a future filled with more significant improvements.





Our new nature-friendly replacement parts packaging will look better on the shelf and be better for the environment. They are made with less plastic, environmentally friendly paper sourced from post-consumer products, smaller packaging, and less ink. 




We make our eco-friendly shoeboxes with environmentally friendly paper and significantly less ink to reduce the impact on each box. They also sport a fresh, modern design that folds down effortlessly and is easier to recycle.






Our new nature-friendly soft goods packaging contains much less plastic. When it is necessary to protect technical fabrics, we use 100% recycled and recyclable poly bags. The product hang tags are also made more sustainably with environmentally friendly paper and less ink to facilitate recycling. 







Most of our cycling eyewear is also changing to more sustainable designs to reduce its impact on the world we love. Their eco-friendlier redesign eliminates plastic, uses environmentally friendly paper, smaller packaging, and less ink.