New ULTEGRA R8100 Road Components Deliver SHIMANO’s Unrivaled Road Performance to Even More Riders

Connecting rider to the road, Shimano’s new ULTEGRA R8100 series takes trickledown technology to a new level with an ultra-efficient drivetrain, wireless cockpit, new levels of braking control, new carbon wheel lineup, and the fastest shifting ever


OSAKA, Japan (September 1, 2021) – Built for the joy of riding, whether that’s the pursuit of a fiery sunset or racing friends up the local climb, the new ULTEGRA R8100 delivers Shimano’s premium road technology to a broader range of rider and riding style. Launching in conjunction with DURA-ACE R9200, the new ULTEGRA component group features the same industryleading, ultra-efficient 12-speed drivetrain, a reliable wireless cockpit, highly refined ergonomics, new wheels, an enhanced brake system, and integrated digital technology engineered so riders can engage with the world around them and leave time behind.


Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 Road Bike Groupset



SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8100: Science of Speed


Every detail, every decision, and every component of Shimano’s new 12-speed road groups have been engineered to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more intuitive ride experience. In the pursuit of excellence, Shimano dedicated years of research and development to refine the road riding experience. Reconnecting riders with the road, ULTEGRA R8100 is about the joy of leaning into a tight switchback, or the comradery shared amongst friends after a playful day of town line sprints and coffee stops.


Evolved Di2 Platform – Completely redesigned Di2 system delivers Shimano’s fastest shifting ever in a wireless cockpit design


Most Advanced Drivetrain – Optimized 12-speed gearing for unmatched efficiency and Shimano’s proven HYPERGLIDE+ technology for seamless shifting no matter the situation


Refined Interface and Ergonomics – The optimal balance of comfort, aerodynamics, and aesthetics, ULTEGRA offers secure and comfortable ergonomics, a cleaner cockpit aesthetic, and ultimate customization


Enhanced Brake System – Improving braking control, the new ULTEGRA brake system offers a quieter, maintenance-friendly system


All New Wheel System – Blending aerodynamics, rigidity, weight, and cost in a competitive full-carbon, tubeless wheel lineup



SHIMANO ULTEGRA: Evolved Di2 Platform and Technology


ULTEGRA R8100’s new Di2 platform showcases Shimano’s most advanced drivetrain technology and shifting performance to date. Introduced alongside DURA-ACE R9200, the new Di2 platform delivers faster front and rear shifting than ever before so riders can focus on the terrain ahead with total confidence in their shifting performance. Further Di2 refinements include a charging port and D-FLY wireless connectivity integrated into the rear derailleur.


Shimano ST-R8170 Wireless road bike shifters

Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 is wired where it makes sense, featuring a central, multi-port battery that supplies stable, long-lasting power to both front and rear derailleurs. New smaller diameter SD300 wires connect directly from the battery to each derailleur, eliminating the need for junctions and simplifying the build process. The central internal battery also simplifies charging and remains secure over the roughest of roads.




SHIMANO ULTEGRA: Advanced Drivetrain Technology


The new R8100 ULTEGRA drivetrain provides faster, smoother shifting with Shimano’s proven HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain technology. Developed first for mountain bike applications, HYPERGLIDE+ improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load.

The new 12-speed ULTEGRA drivetrain features optimized gearing options for club racers and weekend warriors alike. Engineered for efficiency, Shimano sticks with an 11-tooth small cog on the cassette while optimizing the “sweet spot” gears between the 6th, 7th, and 8th cogs.


And for an easy transition to 12-speed, SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8100 retains compatibly with current 11-speed Shimano freehub bodies. No new standards or proprietary wheel parts necessary.


ULTEGRA offers two cassette ranges, including 11-30 and 11- 34, that deliver wide gear ranges to riders of all levels. Whether climbing, descending, or hitting the flats, ULTEGRA’s gear options encourage steady and smooth pedaling so riders can switch off and enjoy the ride more freely.


The ULTEGRA R8100 drivetrain employs the same 12-speed chain used on the Shimano XT M81000 series, simplifying inventory requirements for retailers and riders.

Shimano ULTEGRA FC-R8100 Road Bike Cranks

FC-R8100 Crank


- 2x12-speed

- Chainring combinations:

- 50-34T

- 52-36T


CS-R8100 Cassette


- HYPERGLIDE+ Technology

- 12-speed

- 11-tooth small cog for optimal efficiency

- Optimized “Sweet Spot” Gears for pedaling efficiency

- Compatible with 11-speed freehub bodies

- Cassette Options:

- 11-30T

- 11-34T











Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 Road Bike Groupset
Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 Front Derailleur and Rear Derailleur R8150



RD-R8150 Rear Derailleur

- Shimano SHADOW Rear Derailleur

- Integrated D-FLY connectivity

- 12-speed

- Compatible with 11-28, 11-30, and 11-34T cassettes


FD-R8150 Front Derailleur

- 12-speed

- Smaller and lighter (110 grams)


SHIMANO ULTEGRA: Refined Interface and Ergonomics


Shimano’s wireless ULTEGRA cockpit delivers a clean aesthetic and simple setup while reimagined ergonomics bring a new level of comfort and control. The ULTEGRA hoods are taller with a slight curve inward for a more secure, natural perch over any terrain. The lever body reach is also extended by 4.6mm to create more space between the brake lever blade and the handlebar.

Shimano Ultegra ST-R8170 road bike shifter







The new ULTEGRA Di2 lever switches are also redesigned for better control and easier access. The longer switches are easier to reach when riding in the drops and an increased offset between the switches makes them easier to differentiate while riding. A third switch on the hoods continues with the new R8100 series shifters.




A new Shimano E-TUBE App (version 4.0.0) offers intuitive operations for personalizing the ULTEGRA R8100 drivetrain. Offering a suite of customizable options, riders can choose between different shift speeds, customize shift button assignment (what buttons performs which functions), program different automatic shift modes like Synchronized and Semi- Synchronized shifts, fine-tune shifting, and connect with third party bike computers.


ST-R8170 Shifter

- Wireless Di2 connectivity

- 2x12-speed Dual-Control lever

- Refined hood for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics

- Improved button access

- 4.6mm longer reach for increased security and control

Shimano ULTEGRA ST-R8170 Road Bike Shifters


SHIMANO ULTEGRA: Enhanced Brake System


Confidence on the bike comes with control, and Shimano’s new ULTEGRA brake system provides better brake performance for faster, more confident cornering. The new R8100 brake system now features Shimano’s proven SERVO WAVE technology that enhances brake performance thanks to a faster initial bite point followed by a wider control area. This allows riders of all abilities to modulate their braking more easily and precisely.

Shimano ULTEGRA BR-R8100 road bike brakes








ULTEGRA R8100 also includes a refined brake caliper design, delivering a quieter brake system. The new brake calipers boast a 10% increase in pad-to-rotor clearance to reduce noise while a separate bleed port and valve screw simplifies the bleeding process. Likewise it’s now possible to bleed the system without removing the caliper from the frame.




BR-R8170 Brakes

- More fine-tuned control and heightened braking performance

- 13% wider control area from the brake lever

- 10% wider pad clearance

- Easier bleeding process

- Servo Wave Technology


Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 Brakes road bike groupset


SHIMANO ULTEGRA: All New Wheel System


Delivering the first full-carbon wheel lineup in ULTEGRA’s history, the new R8100 wheels blend exceptional rigidity, faster aerodynamics, and lower weight so you can hit your PR and feel more confident riding in varying conditions. The full-carbon, tubeless wheel range features wider 21mm internal rim widths suited for modern road tires and is offered in three rim depths so riders can choose the best option given their chosen riding terrain and conditions. Aerodynamics haven’t been ignored either, with even faster and more stable rim profiles used across the ULTEGRA range.


Shimano ULTEGRA R8100 Wheel set



- Lightweight wheels for riding where acceleration is key

- Front 1:1 standard spoke lacing // Rear 2:1 Optbal spoke lacing



- All-around wheels for breakaways and more

- The perfect balance of aerodynamics, rigidity, and lightweight construction

- 5-watt reduction in drag compared to current DURA-ACE C40-TL wheels

- Front 1:1 standard spoke lacing // Rear 2:1 Optbal spoke lacing



- Aero wheels for sprinting and high-speed pursuits

- Optimized lateral rigidity for sprinting and larger riders

- Front 1:1 standard spoke lacing // Rear 2:1 Optbal spoke lacing