Shimano brings premium mountain bike technologies and 12-speed versatility to value-based SLX M7100 Components

After setting the benchmark in mountain bike components with SHIMANO XTR M9100 and new DEORE XT M8100, Shimano rounds out its now entirely 12-speed performance mountain bike component lines with new SLX M7100. SLX M7100 cascades technology from new XTR M9100 and DEORE XT M8100 - namely Shimano’s signature premium shifting and braking performance - while maintaining the SLX hallmark of value and durability. Shimano SLX M7100 is available on complete bikes at bicycle retailers beginning in July 2019. 




Employing the technological innovations found throughout XTR M9100 and DEORE XT M8100, new SLX components also have significant refinements to longstanding Shimano technologies that enhance riding performance and reliability for a broader range of riders. Examples of these innovations and refinements include: 

  •     - Refined SERVO-WAVE brake levers match up with next generation I-SPEC EV RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifters featuring 2-WAY RELEASE, giving the rider more control and confidence. 
  •     - The CN-M7100 chain’s extended inner link plate is a key component of incredibly smooth HYPERGLIDE+ shifting and improved chain retention of Shimano’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGMENT (DCE+) single front chain rings.   
  •     - The new construction of the low-profile RD-M7100 SHADOW RD+ rear derailleur improves shift quality, range of adjustment and chain retention while allowing for a wide range of gearing options.



The new 12-speed SLX M7100 drivetrain offers wide range and rhythm step cassettes with single and double front chainrings and delivers Shimano’s widest range 1x12 gear option with the new 10-51T SLX cassette. Additionally, Shimano refined chain line specifications for SLX M7100 including a 55mm chain line, ensuring that the drivetrain is optimized for a greater variety of frame designs.


HYPERGLIDE+ Technology

Inheriting revolutionary HYPERGLIDE+ technology also found on XTR M9100 and DEORE XT M8100, the SLX M7100 group uses completely redesigned chain plates and shift ramps which guide the chain both up and down the cassette providing faster, smoother shifting in both directions even under incredible pedaling power.


Adding to SLX M7100’s smooth drivetrain transmission, the new CN-M7100 HG chain features SHIMANO’s DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT (DCE+) technology. An extended inner link plate of the chain connects seamlessly with new chainring tooth shapes for better chain retention and smoother, quieter pedaling. The new design reduces natural vibrations normally caused by the inner and outer chain plates rolling onto the chainring while also providing stronger contact between the two components.


FC-M7100-1, FC-M7120 and FC-M7130-1 Cranksets

-        HOLLOWTECH II construction

-        Single front chainring

-        Chainring options: 30, 32, 34T


Three Q-Factor and chain line options:    




-        172mm Q-Factor

-        52mm chain line works with 142 or 148 O.L.D.

-         Prioritizes narrowest possible Q factor    



-       178mm Q-Factor

-       55mm chain line works with 148 O.L.D.

-        Prioritizes frame and tire clearance    


-      181mm Q-Factor

-      56.5mm chain line works with 157 O.L.D.

FC-M7100-2 and FC-M7120-B2 Cranksets

-        HOLLOWTECH II construction

-        Double front chainring setup

-        Swappable between single and double chainrings

-        Chainring combination: 36-26T

-        Chainlines:

        o   48.8mm (FC-M7100-2): 172mm Q-Factor

        o   51.8mm (FC-M7120-B2): 178mm Q-Factor


CN-M7100 Chain

-        New HYPERGLIDE+ shift technology

-        Extended inner link plate 

-        Quick link for easy service


CS-M7100-12 – Wide Range and Close-Range Cassettes

-        Wide Range Cassette - 10-51T

        o   Designed for single front chainring setup

        o   510% gear range

        o   (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51T)

-        Rhythm Step Cassette - 10-45T

        o   Designed for single and double front chainring setups

        o   450% gear range with more ideal gear steps

        o   (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45T)




HB-M7110/-B and FH-M7110/-B Hubs

-        Lightweight aluminum FREEHUB body and driver plates

-        O.L.D. - 100 mm (HB-M7110), 110 mm (HB-M7110-B)

O.L.D. - 142 mm (FH-M7110), 148 mm (FH-M7110-B), 157 mm (FH-M7130-B)    



RD-M7100-SGS Rear Derailleur for 1x Setup

-        For single front chainring setup

-        51T max cog size

-        Works with both 10-51 and 10-45-tooth cassettes


RD-M7120-SGS Rear Derailleur for 2x Setup

-        Designed for double front chainring setup

-        45T max cog size

-        Compatible with 2x12 speed or 1x12 with10-45 cassette


FD-M7100-D/E/M Front Derailleur

-        SIDE SWING front derailleur

-        D, E, and M-type mounts

-        10T total capacity

-        48.8mm and 51.8mm chain lines


SL-M7100-IR and SL-M7100-R - Right Shift Levers

-        Ergonomics focused on comfort and control

-        2-WAY RELEASE with instantaneous push and pull movements


SL-M7100-IL and SL-M7100-L – Left Shift Levers

-        Front double shifting with single lever design

-        2-WAY RELEASE with instantaneous push and pull movements 




Expanding SHIMANO’s legendary mountain bike braking technology to more riders, SLX increases braking performance and includes both 2-piston and 4-piston calipers to deliver the right amount of power for a variety of terrain and riding styles.


The SLX M7100 brake levers are designed after XTR M9100 and DEORE XT M8100 with more inboard clamp position and added bracing for increased efficiency and control. The new design minimizes impact on cockpit real estate, creating space between the clamp and support point for mounting other handlebar accessories. 

BL-M7100 Brake Lever

-        One SLX brake lever for both 2-piston and 4-piston brake calipers

-        Quick brake engagement with shorter free stroke

-        Optimized lever axle position and refined ergonomics


BR-M7100 – 2-piston brake caliper

-        Inboard banjo housing routing for clean setup


BR-M7120 – 4-piston brake caliper

-        Inboard banjo housing routing for clean setup



SHIMANO SLX M7100 series components are available beginning in July 2019.