SHIMANO CLICK’R is the pedal concept aimed at the newcomer to step-in pedals. Compared to conventional flat pedals or toe clips, step-in pedals offer a far more efficient system for transferring power from your legs to the bike.
SHIMANO CLICK’R pedals let you ride farther, faster, and longer with less fatigue. Not only that, you also get more stability and control of the bike. So say goodbye to your old energy-sapping shoes and step up to—and into—a smoother ride.

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  • • Lighter spring for lighter step-in/out

    Step-in force > 60% less than SPD
    Step-out force > 62% less than SPD
    (minimum spring position)

  • • Pop-up cage for easier step-in
  • • Prevent unintentional release
  • • Step out angle

    SPD: 13° SHIMANO CLICK’R: 8.5°
    Smaller step-out angle for quick stepout
Shimano Clickr

Shimano Clickr
Shimano Clickr
Shimano Clickr