Going clipless is one of the quickest ways to enhance pedaling performance. Our pedals are divided into three main systems, each with designs and features targeted for specific riding styles.

SPD is a 2-hole system that is the preferred choice for off-road, cyclocross and casual riders because they are easier to walk in and have more float (the amount the rider’s foot can move before the cleat releases from the pedal). SPD also supports the development of dual-platform pedals and comfortable shoe options with a recessed cleat area.

SPD-SL uses a 3-hole system popular with road riders because it offers a larger platform with better power transfer for steep hill climbing and long-distance riding.

Flat pedals are great for downhill/gravity riding since they allow riders to bail quickly when trying high-risk maneuvers. Also a great platform for casual riders who spend as much time off the bike as on it.