Shimano speaks out against any kind of manipulation of e-bikes and e-bike drive systems, e.g., to increase the performance or the maximum supported speed.


Riding manipulated e-bikes on public roads may not only lead to technical problems but also result in serious legal consequences.

Tampering kits and other types of manipulation can damage the drive system as well as the bike itself.

Riders risk losing their guarantee and invalidating their warranty claims.

If an accident occurs with a tampered e-bike, it may result in high liability costs as well as criminal prosecution.


To confirm this statement Shimano takes the following measures:


・Shimano ensures that all anti-tampering requirements, which are included in EN 15194:2017, are met.

・Shimano continuously evaluates the existing standards to see if they are still fit for purpose when it comes to anti-tampering measures.

・Shimano is continuously working on improving e-bike drive systems to make tampering more difficult.

・In all publications and at public events on this topic by Shimano, Shimano speaks out against tampering of e-bikes and points out the legal consequences.

・Pro-active measures, such as trainings, documentations, workshops, campaigns, etc., are being taken to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of tampering for all involved. This applies, for example, to dealers and end users.

・Shimano will actively encourage everyone in the product supply chain to also inform others of the legal consequences of tampering.

・Shimano provides dealers and end users with information on the mandatory markings of S-EPACs (up to 45 km/h) e.g., concerning national insurance number, registration plate, manufacturer identification, statutory plate, etc. as well as those markings required for EPACs e.g., CE marking.

・Shimano supports market surveillance authorities and the police in identifying tampered e-bikes and is available to cooperate with governments and local law enforcement.

・With regard to the tampering of e-bikes, Shimano cooperates with the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) and its members, industry, dealer associations, consumer organizations, police, accident research institutions, experts, testing institutes and specialist media to speak out against the tampering of e-bikes and support other stakeholders in preventing tampering.






Many countries and regions have clearly defined regulations regarding speed etc. for e-bike usage on cycling paths, public roads, and trails. Users are obligated to check the applicable laws and regulations and comply with any special registration, insurance, or licensing requirements therein, as necessary. Users must not use e-bikes that have been tampered with in a manner that does not meet regulations.


Tampering may cause damage to the drive unit as well as other components on the bike. Tampering (*1) voids any warranty claims on SHIMANO products used in a modified bike because the bike and its components are being misused and operated in conditions outside their designed specifications.


SHIMANO endeavors to ensure that SHIMANO products are used safely by requesting manufacturers of bikes that include a SHIMANO drive unit to comply with national and regional standards that guarantee a certain level of quality.


Tampering (*1) and misuse may violate these standards and void the warranty of the components and the bike itself. When system tampering is detected, it may be necessary to repair damage caused by tampering at a substantial cost, and the cyclist will be liable for such costs. In some cases it may not be possible to repair the damage caused by tampering.


SHIMANO STEPS systems have a sensor that can detect tampering and will display error code E295 (refer to the error and warning codes on when tampering (*1) is detected.


Safe Mode can only be deactivated by a special device at a SHIMANO office or authorized SHIMANO product distributor. It may be impossible to deactivate Safe Mode in certain situations.


*1: Tampering refers to the state where a product does not comply with national or regional standards.




Notice: The features of Shimano’s products are exclusively described in the respective product specifications. Nothing in this declaration shall be construed as an additional warranty or guarantee with respect to Shimano’s products.