E-bikers can adjust AUTO SHIFT to match where they ride and how they like to shift gears. The two key settings that affect the AUTO SHIFT experience are "Shift timing" and "Climbing response." Using the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist application, you can try our recommended settings or fine-tune them in three quick steps.

※ Please note that AUTO SHIFT's menu options and settings may differ based on your specific bike setup.



Try our recommended AUTO SHIFT settings.

Choose the recommended setting that matches how you ride.

Recommended settings

E-MTB Competition

E-MTB Competition

Shift timing
80 rpm
Climbing response
LV. 6
E-MTB Trail riding

E-MTB Trail riding

Shift timing
75 rpm
Climbing response
LV. 5
E-TREKKING Commuting

E-TREKKING Commuting

Shift timing
65 rpm
Climbing response
LV. 4

Want to try a more personalized recommendation?

Try our AUTO SHIFT configuration helper


Fine-tune settings to match your preferences.

Riders have the option to easily adjust the recommended settings until they better suit your preferences.


Want more control?
Register a second AUTO SHIFT profile.

You can customize a second profile if a single one doesn't cover all the ways you ride.

AUTO SHIFT settings

Shift timing

Adjusting the "Shift timing" helps AUTO SHIFT match how fast or slow you want to pedal your bike.

Slower Faster

[rpm]: revolutions per minute. How many times your pedals go around in one minute.

Shift timing

Lower RPMs are ideal for riders who prefer to pedal slower.

Shift timing

Higher RPMs are ideal for riders who prefer to pedal faster.

Climbing response

“Climbing response” sets how easily the bike shifts to an easier gear when the rider pushes harder on the pedals going uphill.

Quick Stable
Climbing responseQuick Stable
“Quick” is good for
  • Lighter riders
  • Riders who prefer an easier gear while climbing
“Stable” is good for
  • Heavier riders
  • Riders who prefer a harder gear while climbing

AUTO SHIFT while pedaling

Choose whether you want gears to shift automatically while pedaling, eliminating the need for manual gear shifting.

Automatic FREE SHIFT

Choose whether you want gears to shift automatically while coasting, eliminating the need for manual gear shifting.

Riding scene

AUTO SHIFT characteristics are optimized according to the selected "Riding Scene." You can choose either "Pavement" for flat, paved roads or "MTB" for unpaved roads with up and down.

Start gear

Set the slider to the lowest gear you find comfortable when starting from a stop. The lower the gear, the easier the start.

The E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App needs a wireless connection to your E-BIKE with SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS. Without a wireless unit, you may need to visit a dealer to customize AUTO SHIFT using E-TUBE PROJECT Professional for Windows.